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Previous Course 

1. Noodle Noggin: Navigate your way through a bundle of noodles. 

2. Mini-Mountain: Climb up and over the mini-mountain

3. 2-Cool-4-Spool: Roll the spool over 50 feet.

4. Noodle Javelin: Throw the noodle through the target and advance to the next obstacle.

5. Stump Jump: Step from stump to stump.

6. Tire Barrage: Step through the tires to the other side.

7. Rope Crawl:  Crawl under the rope through the mud.

8. Noodle Maze: Go through the maze of noodles.

9. Water Carry:  Carry two buckets over 50 feet.

10. Mount Everest:  Climb over Mt. Everest.

11. Culvert Crawl: Crawl through the culvert to the other side.

12. Charlotte’s Web: Go through the web.

13. Up and Under – Go over and under logs.

14. Pride Rock: Place the 3 rocks on top of the platforms.

15. Hercules Hoist: Lift water and ring the bell. 

Courses change as new obstacles are created and depending on the venue.

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